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Wrapit must be first downloaded and installed to purchase a license.

How to Install

Wrapit must be installed in each version of 3d Max you plan to use it in, and for each User.

Once downloaded you may install Wrapit by one of two means:

  • Drag and Drop the wrapit_1-59_installer.mzp into a 3ds Max viewport.

  • Open 3ds Max and go to the 'Maxscript' menu, chose 'Run Script' and select the wrapit_1-59_installer.mzp file

How to Authorise

Note:Wrapit can only be authorised when 3ds Max is run with Administrator priviliges. Once authorised by an Administrator account all other windows accounts are automatically authorised. Wrapit needs to be installed for each version of 3ds Max required and for each user account required.

Once installed Wrapit will generate a machine specific request code, which must be entered when purchasing. After a successfull transaction you will be supplied with a machine specific serial number (your license).
A single license validates Wrapit for use in any compatible versions of 3ds Max, for any user on that machine. If you upgrade machines you will need to contact us, to obtain a new license, at The Pixel Hive's discretion.

System Requirements

Wrapit requires 3ds Max version 2009 or newer to function, at time of writing v2022 is the most recent supported version. The system requirements are therefore those suggested by Autodesk for these packages.

Please read the documentation before emailing any queries. Only email urgent licensing/purchasing issues, other work flow related queries should be posted on the forum.

Download Wrapit 1.59 (right click and save)

Internet Explorer users may need to rename the file back to "wrapit_1-59_installer.mzp" as IE renames the file extension to ".zip".
"mzp" files are indeed zip files, but need the mzp extension for 3ds Max to unpack/install.
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